Clamshell Makeup Organizer

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Beautiful way to organize your makeup essentials and carry them wherever you go

Yes, we’re girly-girls over here. And proud of it. That means makeup, makeup and more makeup.

It’s spread over our dressers and bathroom counters in a way that only makes sense to us, and even that we’re not too sure about.

Sometimes our lipstick ends up with our nail polish. And the powder we searched high and low for turns up in the bottom of our shoe. We’re still not sure how it got there.

But makeup organizers never have enough room for all our stuff. And even if they do, they break at the drop of an eyeliner.

And the really durable organizers are just plain ugly.

Yeah, they hold up well and have the room we’re after, but we said we’re girly-girls, remember? That means we want our organizers bright and cute, just like us.

This clamshell makeup organizer looks good, won’t break, and easily organizes all your makeup essentials.

Sounds good. Anything else we should know?

  • Carry handle. You don’t have to take everything out just because you’re going on a trip. Grab the handle and carry it with you, as is.
  • Waterproof lid. Not just waterproof, dustproof too. Keep your makeup and brushes clean and free of bacteria.
  • Multipurpose. Makeup, jewelry, stuff for your hair, this holds a little of everything. Move it from the bedroom to the bathroom with ease.
  • 3 drawers. Got some little stuff you don’t want falling out? Stick it in one of the three drawers and know it’s secure.
  • Get organized. Make a place for everything and it’s a thousand times easier to find when you need it. This makes organizing easy.
  • Super-cute. The clamshell design totally works for us girly-girls. It’s just sleek and attractive enough to make our eyes pop.

Shatter-resistant and accident-proof.

Okay, we admit it, we’re a little clumsy. That’s why we made this extra durable. Knock it against the wall or drop it on the floor and it’ll still walk away unscathed.

You know you’ve got makeup and hair products lying around that could use a permanent home. Order this today and get them organized tomorrow.

Eliminate hassle and find things easily for a change. You don’t realize how much time you’ll save until you’re actually saving it.

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