Dental Hygiene Cat Toy

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Clean your cat's teeth & massage her gums keeping her entertained for hours

Aww… What can we say, we’re a sucker for cute cats. The one thing that’s not so cute? Cat breath.

Ever get an adorable kitty purring in your face?

It nuzzles its head against you, sticks its tongue out, and wham! You’re hit with monster breath. Think spoiled meat on a hot day.

Even worse is what that means. Kitty’s got some bad teeth and gums inside their mouth. But cat dental cleanings are expensive and sometimes dangerous.

We tried those dental treats they sell at pet stores. They just added tartar and made things worse. And those dental toys? Kitty had zero interest.

So what? Kitty and you just have to live with bad teeth and gums?

Hang on, hang on. We’ve got one idea we haven’t sprung on you yet.

This dental toy cleans your cat’s teeth, massages their gums, and actually holds your cat’s interest long enough to do its job.

A toy does all that? Really? Okay, we’re game. Tell us how it works.

  • Catnip. There’s a big opening down the middle where you can add as much catnip as kitty can handle. Refill it as many times as you need.
  • Super-strong. Kitty can pull, bite, and try to rip this toy to shreds, but they won’t be able to. It’s made to withstand claws and teeth.
  • Non-toxic silicone. It’s soft, pliable, and perfect for getting around your cat’s teeth. Those silicone nubs and nodes are tough on tartar, not your cat.
  • Massage gums. The secret to healthy teeth in cats? Healthy gums. This massages them so they feel good and look good.
  • Easy to clean. Just run it under warm water and you’re done. You don’t even need soap. Shake it off and let it air dry or pat dry with a towel.

Trick your cat into cleaning their teeth.

All kitty’s gonna care about is playing with their new toy. Watch them roll, pounce and have fun while their teeth are secretly getting cleaned.

This is one toy that’s awesome for both of you.

Get this cat dental toy today and help your cat get healthier teeth tomorrow.

They’re gonna love it, and they’ll love you even more for giving it to them.

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