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Freaking. Brilliant.

Ever been on a road trip when your eyes start drooping and your head started nodding? Good idea to get off, not such a good idea sleeping in the back seat of your car.

That early morning stretch turns into a scream when your back cries out in pain because you slept on the seatbelt all night.

Or what about camping? Your tent may be top notch, but that sleeping bag you brought makes sure you feel every rock and wet spot you’re lying on.

A better idea? Get an air mattress. This one fits inside your car. Literally. It lays across your back seat so you feel like you’re in a real bed.

Sleep in your car or truck without hurting your back, and actually wake up feeling rested.

  • Inflatable pillows. What kind of mattress would it be if it didn’t have pillows? We include 2. And they’re just as cushiony as the mattress.
  • All inclusive. Everything you need is right here. Air pump, nozzle, storage bag, and even a repair kit. Just in case.
  • Fast inflation. It doesn’t take hours to pump this up. All you need is a few minutes and you’ll be off to dreamland.
  • Easy deflation. Time to let the air out? Just pop the cap, give it a twist, and let the large nozzle get to work deflating. It’s fast and easy.
  • Back support. We’ve got this cool T-support thing that fits between your front and back seat to lend extra support, so you don’t wake up with a sore back.

Rather sleep outdoors? You can do that too.

Flip the mattress over so that the T-support is right side up, and lay the mattress flat. Presto, you’ve got an outdoor mattress.

Look, if you camp or do a lot of road trips, you need somewhere to rest.

Order this today, and you’ll always have a place to sleep that feels like home.

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