Automatic Toilet Cleaner

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Get a clean, odor-free toilet effortlessly

No, no, no. It’s your turn to clean the toilet, leave us out of it. Seriously, there’s nothing grosser than reaching into that toilet bowl and getting up to your elbows.

Sure, toilet brushes are supposed to make things easy, but we have yet to find one that actually gets that brown gunk off from around the rim.

And toilet bowl cleaners are all talk. They promise sparkling clean bowls, but they barely make a dent in the filth. We’re tired of dealing with this.

This automatic toilet cleaner disinfects, deodorizes, and cleans your toilet without your having to lift a finger.

Take a look. It’s kind of impressive.

  • Cleans itself. This is probably the best part. No more scrubbing. This cleans the tank, rim, bowl, and even your pipes all on its own.
  • Sanitize. We’re guessing you want those germs and bacteria gone. This gets rid of 99.99% of bacteria with every flush.
  • Long-lasting. Flush up to 2,000 times before this needs replacing. That means it could last over a year. Kinda depends on you.
  • Non-corrosive. Don’t worry about this rusting your pipes or eating away your toilet, it won’t. This is totally non-corrosive and safe for your home.
  • Deodorize. No one wants a stinky toilet. Get rid of odors lurking in your bowl so you don’t have to be embarrassed.

It's easy to use, works fast, and stops family arguments over toilet cleaning duty.

Why argue when it's so easy? Drop it in the tank, wait 5 minutes, and start flushing. That’s it. When the blue water turns clear again, it’s time to replace it.

Come on, the toilet is the one thing in the house no one wants to clean. Order this today, and let it clean itself from now on.

It’s time to leave old-school cleaning behind. The future is here, and it’s waiting for you.

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