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Polar Beer
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Okay, deep breaths.

You know that cable that keeps your laptop charged and actually working? Yeah? Well, it just broke. And your phone charger’s cable is going next.

Any more of this, and you’ll be ripping the hair out of your head.

Thank your freaking lucky stars we found these cable protectors.

Stop your cables from breaking and keep your electronics working.

Yes, they’re shaped like animals. That just means your kids will actually use them and save you a bundle on broken cables.

And if they’re just for you… well, that just means you have good taste.

Keep your cables safe starting now.

  • Slides on. Just slide these over your cable to make sure they’re protected. They stay in place right where the cable connects with your device.
  • Keep cables straight. No bending or curling. Don’t let your cables kink up. This protector keeps things straight so nothing breaks.
  • Durable. Use them every single day if you want, these cable protectors will last you forever. Well, maybe not forever, but close.
  • Cute design. Pick your favorite animal or mix and match. This design will make you smile and your kids giggle.
  • Pocket friendly. Easily take these cable protectors wherever you need to go. Store them in your purse, pocket, or laptop case.

Incredibly useful, enormously cute.

If you’ve got electronics, you need to protect the cables that go with them. This is an easy way to do that.

You can’t unbreak a broken cable. The only way to make things better is to stop the break from happening at all.

Pick up a couple protectors today, save your cables tomorrow.

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