Cracked Glass Restoration Kit

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Drop your phone. Crack the glass. Break your heart.

Look, we’ve all had close calls with our phones. It’s when those close calls aren’t so close anymore that we go into full-on crisis mode.

Oh oh oh! And it’s not just phones!

How many times has a pebble left a ding in your car’s windshield? Are you just gonna let that ding grow into a crack?

This restoration kit fixes any kind of cracked glass so that you can’t even tell the crack was ever there.

Check it out, we’re about to blow your mind.

  • Crazy fast. We’re talking superhero speed. Twenty minutes is all it takes to make cracks disappear and restore your glass to like-new condition.
  • Ready to apply. No mixing, no heating, none of the stuff that makes a mess. This comes ready to go, which means it’s hassle-free.
  • Cracks can’t spread. A tiny chip won’t stay that way unless you do something about it. This kit stops cracks before they spread.
  • Everything included. You won’t have to dig deep and spend more money on “extras.” Everything you need is in this kit.

So is your mind blown? We thought so.

Think of all the things made with glass, and all the ways they could break.

Now picture them getting fixed.

  • Mirrors. You don’t need 7 years of bad luck hanging over your head. Make it like it never happened.
  • Phones. Who’s got money for a new phone every time it drops? You don’t need a new phone, you just need this fix-it kit.
  • Windshields. Are you a commuter? Road tripper? Or maybe you got that chip in your own driveway. Fix it before it gets worse.
  • House windows. Were your kids playing outside and somehow their ball met your window? Stop the crack, save the window.

Glass breaks. It’s a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

Fix broken glass easily, quickly, and without pinching your wallet.

Eventually, something’s gonna break. Get this restoration kit now so you can be ready when it does.

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