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Collect your breast milk with ultimate ease. No leaks!

Here’s a little secret new moms find out the hard way.

Just because you’re done nursing doesn’t mean the milk stops coming. It flows until it decides it’s time to stop.

Oh, and here’s a double whammy for you. It can come out of both breasts. Even while you’re nursing. In fact, it usually does.

So your baby’s drinking from one side while it’s coming out the other. Um… what do you do? It’s still perfectly good breast milk.

We tried this one thing that was supposed to collect the milk, and it leaked. Everywhere. Left an even bigger mess than what we started with.

Please tell us they’re not all like that.

This breast milk collector is simple to use, totally comfortable, and never ever leaks.

If that’s all true, we’ll take two. First, let’s check this out a little closer.

  • Medical grade silicone. It’s super soft and ultra-flexible, so it conforms to you and not the other way around. Stay comfortable while collecting milk.
  • Non-toxic. It’s BPA and chemical-free so you don’t have to worry about anything unwanted leaching into your breast milk.
  • Strong suction. Worried it might slip? Don’t be. This suctions to your breast and stays there until you decide it’s time to come off.
  • Leak-free. Fill it up without leaking it everywhere. The milk stays in the collector where it belongs.

Save extra breast milk quickly, easily, and without any hassle.

Better to save your milk than let it go to waste.

You know your baby’s gonna be hungry again soon. It’s okay to give your breasts a break when you’ve got extra milk ready to go.

Breastfeeding is already hard enough. Make it a little easier and order this breast milk collector now.

You and your baby are both gonna be happy.

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