Bra Strap Hiding Clips (9 pcs)

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Color Combo: Black/Gold/Silver

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We’ve got a little secret.

Girls, this one’s just for us. No men allowed.

You know that perfect little black dress? The one you spent two weeks sweating at the gym for just so you could fit into it?

Well, the big day is here. You finally get it on and it’s perfect—almost. Your bra straps are peeking out, ruining the look.

This clip hides your bra straps so it looks like you’re wearing nothing at all under your clothes.

That actually sounds kind of sexy. And brilliant. Let’s hear more.

  • Create a racerback. Turn any bra into a racerback so your straps stay hidden. All you’ve got to do is clip the straps together and you’re done.
  • Easily switchable. Movie it between bras in just a few seconds. It’s super simple, just clip and unclip.
  • Support and lift. That’s exactly what you want to hear when it comes to a bra, right? This clip enhances things by adding extra support.
  • Comfortable. There’s no scraping, rubbing or irritation to your skin. And it won’t pull your straps too tight, just tight enough.
  • Stays in place. The last thing you want is the clip falling off halfway through your night. No worries. It stays in place. No slipping, sliding, or falling.

Look good outside, feel confident inside.

You won’t have to feel like people are staring at you. Walk into a room with confidence and know you look amazing.

Get this bra strap clip now so you can look your best tomorrow.

Seriously. You'll never have to worry about bra straps again. Ever.

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