Booty Shakin' Llama Toy

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Fun mate that wiggles, jiggles and plays music to keep your kid entertained

Kids love toys. Too bad they’re a dime a dozen. Seriously, the last toy we bought broke the first time our kid played with it.

And if it manages to survive its time out of the box, that doesn’t mean their interest will hold. Kids are fickle. They love it one minute, hate it the next.

This stuffed llama is a one-of-a-kind type of toy. They play with it once, then play with again, and then play with it some more. Who knew all it took was a cute face and a little booty shakin’?

The best part? They’ll actually put down their video games to give this a whirl. That’s the kind of amazing you want to hold onto.

This booty shakin’ llama dances, plays music, and is durable enough to last until your kid outgrows it.

Kids don’t just like it, they love it.

  • Booty shaking. Once this llama gets started, it won’t stop. Watch it shake its booty and wag and that tail.
  • Head whirling. It’s not just its booty that bounces. This llama spins and whirls its head dancing to its beats.
  • Dance music. Just push the button on your llama’s body and it changes between 3 different tracks. Pick your favorite or circle through all 3.
  • Lightweight. It weights less than two pounds, so kids of any age or size can carry it around without any help from you.
  • Durable. We made sure it holds up to most anything kids might do. Throw it, kick it, try to make it fly… this isn’t breaking any time soon.
  • Ultra-soft. This plush toy is super soft and comfy. Perfect for little hands and fingers. Even if they drop it on their toes, it won’t hurt.

Get your kids on their feet and keep them entertained for hours.

It’s not easy tearing kids away from their TVs and video games. Until now. This llama gets them off the couch cushions and on their feet.

We wouldn’t call it a trick, just a fun way to get them to exercise. Think of all the energy they’ll work off. For once, you won’t have to force them to bed, they’ll go willingly.

Order this booty shakin’ llama now and keep your kids entertained long enough for you to get some “me” time.

What could you do with an hour all to yourself? We’re thinking a hot bath and pint of ice cream, but you do you.

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