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Dog breath. Eck!

We love our pups and all the kisses they give us, but wow can their breath get stinky.

Ever check out the price tag for a canine dental cleaning? Ouch!

That’s the kind of thing that can put a serious dent in your bank account. Plus your dog probably won’t be too happy with you.

The Bite n’ Brush pet toothbrush is a safe, effective alternative to pet dental cleanings that’s easy to use and won’t freak your dog out.

Plus it won’t take you months to save up for it.

Check out these awesome features.

  • No fear. You don’t want to scare your dog, and neither do we. This toothbrush is disguised as a fun chew toy your dog will love playing with.
  • Gets the gumlines. This doesn’t just remove plaque and tartar, it  gets all the way down to the gumlines for a deep clean that leaves breath fresh.
  • Non-toxic. Forget anesthesia that can put your pup at risk, this is made from silicone. It’s soft but effective, and there are no harsh chemicals.
  • Toothpaste reservoir. It’s got a built-in spot for your toothpaste. Just fill it up and let your dog handle the rest. So easy but so effective.
  • 3 sizes. Dogs come in all sizes, and so do our toothbrushes. Large, medium, and small. Just pick the one that best fits your dog.

Love the idea but worried your dog might not?

Pets are clever. If your dog looks at the toothbrush with suspicion, don’t worry. We’ve got a few ideas on how to get them interested.

  • Peanut butter. Hide the toothpaste inside, but coat the outside with some peanut butter and they’ll never know.
  • Coconut oil. Might sound weird, but some dogs love it. Just add a thin layer to the outside and watch them grab the toothbrush from you.
  • Treats. Add a few of your dog’s favorite treats to the toothpaste reservoir. They’ll be more interested in the treats and less worried about the toothpaste.

It’s so simple, it’s like your dog is brushing their own teeth.

Forget traditional pet toothbrushes. We all know how that ends—you on the floor and Fido hiding under the bed.

Order the Bite n’ Brush today and start working towards a cleaner, healthier mouth for your dog tomorrow.

We promise you’ll both be happy with the results.

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