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Are you tired of sitting under a hard bonnet dryer for hours and spending hundreds of dollars at salons, yet not getting the desired look?

Traditional Hair drying methods are not only time consuming but also damage your hair!

Now, get professional like drying and style at the comfort of your home while retaining the smoothness and shine of your hair with Blocap™
Designed to provide salon-like results at home, Blocap™ can be used for drying, deep conditioning, and for hair treatments requiring heat activation. This dryer bonnet is a perfect accessory to use with your styling tools like Curlformers, rollers, and Velcros etc

It's one size fit all design can be used with any hair dryer, saving you time and expensive salon visits while the compact size makes it perfect for traveling.
Now turn any hair dryer into a professional hair drying and treatment system and flaunt those perfectly styled, voluminous tresses.

  • Fast and convenient: No more spending hours drying your hair or damaging it with conventional hair dryers! Blocap™ ensures there is an even airflow and heat flow on all the part of the head, drying your hair efficiently with utmost care.
  • Comfortable to use: You no longer have to sit still in a straight position while drying your hair! Unlike hard bonnets, Blocap™ allows you to move around during the process. With the bonnet, you can relax, watch TV,  do your makeup etc. during the drying session.
  • One Size Fits All: The bonnet is equipped with drawstring to ensure it stays in place during the use. Its large hood design, allows you to use it with almost any hairstyle and hair accessories including curlers and rollers etc.
  • Portable and versatile: Blocap™s extremely lightweight and compact in size which makes it an excellent hair accessory for traveling. Whether your hair is natural or dyed, this bonnet provides gentle and suitable care and perfect for hair setting and stylish, deep conditioning, hot oils, and heat treatments etc.
  • Compatible: Blocap™ is the perfect size to fit· almost any handheld hair dryer and accessories. Now convert your traditional dryers into a professional hair setting system at home.

  • Material:  Nylon
  • Diameter: 25cm
  • Length: 103cm
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