Microfiber Beach Towel

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Color: Blue

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Girls, are you ready for a mind-blower? Three words. Beach. Towel. Dress.

Yeah, you read that right. Let’s all say all together. A-maz-ing. You know why, right?

Ever get to the beach or pool or even the spa and realize you left the most important thing at home? No big fluffy towel to wrap yourself in when you get out of the water.

Oh, you’re not leaving till you get your swim in, but get back in your clothes and you’ll end up with a big pile of wet.

A hot shower’s no better. You step out of the steam into the cold air, and your towel’s still in the linen closet when it should be wrapping you in warmth.

This beach towel dress is a little bit sexy, a whole lot of cute, and makes drying off a snap.

Doesn’t matter if you’re coming from the beach, spa, or even your bathroom. This is a must-have.

  • Ultra-soft. Microfiber means ultra-soft and super-absorbent. Let it deal with the water while you deal with having more fun.
  • Quick-dry. Don’t worry about getting it wet, it’s incredibly breathable and made to dry fast. That way you aren’t dragging wet towels around with you.
  • One size fits all. Amazing how that works, but it’s true. It’s totally adjustable, so one size will fit any body type.
  • Pick your color. Hey, if pure white is your go-to, then we say do it. But we’ve got other colors to pick from. No pressure, just do you.
  • Washable. Of course you can wash it. What good would it be if you couldn’t? Throw it in the machine and it comes out like new again.

It’s so comfortable you’ll wish you could wear it 24/7.

Spending a lazy day lounging around the house? Take a bath, slip into your towel dress, and open the wine bottle.

No one’s watching, so who cares what you’re wearing?

Order this beach towel dress now, and enrobe yourself in luxury starting ASAP.

Walk out of your shower feeling like a million bucks, and thank yourself for making it happen.

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