Kids' Street Sandals

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Color: Black


Shoe Size (EU): 23

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This takes simple and adorable to a whole new, amazing level.

We admit, we’re a little in love with these kids’ sandals.

You don’t want your baby’s feet sweating all day inside their socks, right?

That’s probably the least comfortable thing you could do to a kid. We’re talking strictly feet here. Let’s leave diapers off the table.

But kids’ feet are like… tiny and delicate and need support.

Enter this baby street sandal.

Keep your kid’s feet cool and supported even when you’re outside in hundred-degree heat.

Now you see why we like these so much. Check out the rest.

  • Support. Cushion your child’s feet and support them at the same time. No twisted ankles or aching feet means no tantrums.
  • Sturdy and flexible. Sturdy doesn’t have to mean stiff. These sandals are sturdy enough to be safe, but flexible enough they won’t hurt.
  • Protection. The bottoms of your kids’ feet are ultra-sensitive. Keep them safe from hot pavement, rocks, and glass with these protective soles.
  • Durable. These shoes will probably last longer than your baby can fit into them. Got more than one kid? Keep them for the next little guy.
  • Easy to clean. Kids seem to draw mud like a magnet. Just wipe these shoes off with a damp cloth and they’ll be like new again.

Cute, supportive, and breathable.

That’s everything you want in a baby’s shoe.

Order these street sandals now and keep your kid’s feet safe. They’ll only be little for so long, protect them now while you still can.

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