Auto-Rotating Curling Iron

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Color: Black


Rotating Head Width: 28mm

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Can you say amazing? Who knew there was such a thing as a “smart” curling iron?

There’s two problem all us girls have with curling irons. One, how freaking long they take to use. And two, how much damage they can wreak if used too often.

The last thing you want is your hair falling out because you had to get the perfect curls. Or waves. Or hair so straight it looks image enhanced. You get the idea.

This auto rotating curling iron gives you the perfect style every time without damaging your hair.

Ready for the big reveal? Come in for a closer look.

  • Auto rotate. This is the part that blew us away. This curling iron spins on its own. All you’ve got to do is hold it steady.
  • Frizz control. Don’t make frizz worse, get rid of it altogether. Negative ions in this iron keep your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Damage-free. Heat can damage hair, but it doesn’t have to. Tourmaline ceramic never gets too hot, so your hair stays healthy and damage-free.
  • Long-lasting style. Hold the curl for days instead of hours. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. The curl stays until you wash it out.
  • 3-in-1. Curl, wave, and straighten all with the same iron. No more switching between irons, everything you need is right here.

See it in action!


Make your hair beautiful without a lot of hassle.

Quickly and easily curl, wave, or straighten your hair in minutes instead of hours.

It’s kind of the perfect tool for a workday, school day, or date night. Basically, any time you leave the house.

Order this today and make your hair fabulous tomorrow.

You can’t go wrong with perfection.

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Black, Purple

Rotating Head Width

28mm, 32mm