Cake Decor Kit (16pcs)

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Baking is one of those things you either love or hate, and we are so in love right now. We think it might even be long-term.

The one thing we’re not into? Decorating. It’s a thorn in the side of our cupcakes that won’t go away.

The frosting decorations never come out right. The plastic baggies we use always end up breaking, and these dollar store frosting tips are already getting rusty.

Huh? Bad equipment equals bad results. So you’re saying decorating doesn’t always have to be a hassle?

Okay, we’ll hear you out. Tell us about this kit you’ve got.

Quickly and easily decorate cakes, cupcakes and all things pastry so they scream professional even if you’re an amateur.

Hmm… okay. We’re interested. More, please.

  • Stainless steel. It’s kind of the go-to for kitchen and baking gadgets. Think rust-resistant and superhero strong. Nothing you can do will hurt it.
  • Multiple frosting tips. Different sizes, different designs. Everything you want to make all the goodies you need.
  • Food grade everything. The pastry bag, coupler, and nozzles are all food grade material, which means there’s nothing in them that can hurt you.
  • Easy-to-use coupler. You know how some couplers just refuse to cooperate? Ours refuses to do anything BUT cooperate. Get it on and off with no problem.
  • Durable pastry bag. Sure, things are gonna get messy in here, frosting has a way of doing that. But once you clean it out and let it dry, it’s back to new again.

Professional quality at prices that don’t pinch.

It’s about time someone gave us a pastry kit that didn’t cost as much as pastry school.

If you bake, you’re gonna need to decorate. Sooner or later, it’s happening.

Order this pastry kit today and make decorating easy tomorrow.

When all the hassle’s removed and it’s just you and the frosting, we predict you’ll find a second love to go with baking—decorating. Don’t question it, just have fun.

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