Military-Level Protective Shoes

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Color: Military Green

Military Green
Military Blue

US Size: 6.5

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Our feet don’t get enough protection. These military-level shoes change all that.

But they’re not just for the military. Cops, firemen, construction workers… anyone on their feet all day in a dangerous environment needs these shoes.

They don’t just comfort your feet, they keep them safe.

What makes these shoes better than any others?

  • Breathability. These shoes are designed with a fast-dry mesh material that allows them to get the air they need so your feet don’t sweat.
  • Anti-slip soles. Whatever terrain you’re crossing over or weather your mucking your way through, you won’t have to worry about falling on your… well, you get the idea.
  • Steel-toe caps. These caps are rust resistant and meant to protect your toes if something falls on them. Need to make a big impact? They provide that too.
  • Anti-puncture. There’s a steel pad inside these shoes stopping anything from getting in. You can walk across a bed of nails and not feel a thing!
  • High-quality insoles. With all that protection, you thought we forgot about comfort, didn’t you? No way! These insoles provide a soft cushion for your feet to sit on while they do their job.

If you need protective shoes, then these are the only shoes to get. There’s no point researching inferior shoes when the best are already in front of you.

Get them and feel the difference.

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Military Green, Military Blue

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