Archangel Charm Necklace

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Design: Warrior Angel- Rhodium Gold

Warrior Angel- Rhodium Gold
Kneeling Angel- Rhodium Gold
Warrior Angel- Antique
Kneeling Angel- Antique
Warrior Angel- Dragon Rope
Kneeling Angel- Dragon Rope

Color: Gold

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Shuffling through all the muck and slime that makes up our day to day lives is hard.

Knowing we’re protected makes getting through it easier.

Saint Michael is the embodiment of all protectors.

He’s an archangel, which means messing with him is gonna land you in some serious trouble. He fights back, and he does it to keep us safe.

Wear this St. Michael’s pendant around your neck and get his love and protection wherever you go.

The message St. Michael brings with him is a powerful one.

  • Protection. Feel safe no matter what happens. St. Michael dons his shield and a double-edged sword, riding into battle for you against your enemies.
  • Truth and justice. It’s not always physical harm our enemies bring us, sometimes it’s their words. Protect yourself from lies and liars.
  • Patron saint. Michael understands dangerous jobs. He’s got one himself. Doctors, police, and soldiers hold him as their patron saint.
  • Hour of death. You don’t have to fear the unknown, because St. Michael is right there with you. He’ll escort you to Heaven and keep you from getting lost on the way.

The pendant bearing St. Michael’s message is just as beautiful as the message itself.

  • Antique look. The aged metals are a symbol of St. Michael’s enduring life. They’re the kind of thing that look beautiful on anyone.
  • Chain included. Don’t worry about spending extra money on the right chain. We’ve found the perfect found one for you, and it’s already included.
  • Different designs. Pick your favorite St. Michael design. The proud warrior or the humble servant. See which one speaks to you.

Never face the darkness alone again.

St. Michael loves you and wants to keep you safe. Let him.

Order this pendant today so no matter what you face in life, you won’t be doing it alone.

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Warrior Angel- Rhodium Gold, Kneeling Angel- Rhodium Gold, Warrior Angel- Antique, Kneeling Angel- Antique, Warrior Angel- Dragon Rope, Kneeling Angel- Dragon Rope


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