Apple Watch Cover

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Color: Black


Apple Watch Model: Series 1/2/3 (38mm)

Series 1/2/3 (38mm)
Series 1/2/3 (42mm)
Series 4 (40mm)
Series 4 (44mm)
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Super-light, ultra-slim cover for your Apple Watch that actually looks good

This Apple Watch cover is super-light, ultra-slim, and actually looks good while protecting your watch.

Sounds tempting. Got more?

  • Almost invisible. You want to see your watch, not its cover. This is nearly invisible so your watch’s beauty can’t be hidden.
  • Lightweight. The last thing you want is a ten-pound weight on your wrist. This is featherlight, so you won’t even know it’s there.
  • Anti-scratch. This holds its own against scratches, scuffs, and nicks. Rounded edges and a full front mean you’re covered from all sides.
  • Shock-proof. Don’t freak out if you bump your watch. We made this cover shockproof so nothing hurts it or your watch.
  • Precise cutout. You know all those little buttons and ports on your watch? Easily reach them even with this cover on.
  • Ultra-slim. No more fighting your touchscreen because the cover’s too thick. This is slim enough your touchscreen works the first time you push it.

Compatible with Apple Watch series 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Doesn’t matter if it’s first generation or just out of the box, this cover fits almost any Apple Watch. That means you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Look, you didn’t spend a small fortune on your Apple Watch just to crack the screen its first week out.

Get this cover now and start protecting your watch ASAP.

No more worries. Just sit back and take the bumps as they come knowing your watch will always come out the winner.

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Black, Blue, Silver, Pink, Gold, Red

Apple Watch Model

Series 1/2/3 (38mm), Series 1/2/3 (42mm), Series 4 (40mm), Series 4 (44mm)