Anti-Theft Card Shield

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Slim & lightweight card shield that makes your bank cards invisible to id thieves.

What the… A two-thousand-dollar purchase to an online candy store? Are you freaking kidding us? That must be the world’s largest box of chocolates.

But there’s an even bigger problem. Someone ripped off our credit card number. Again.

How the heck does this keep happening? We stopped using it at gas stations, and we’re super careful about online purchases. So what gives?

The problem is hackers have gotten smarter.

They don’t need to touch or even see your credit card to steal its info. They can scan it from yards away, and you’ll never know.

Great. So we’re just out of luck. They win.

No way. Hackers can’t win because we won’t let them. We’ve got an easy way to stop them and protect your personal information.

This anti-theft card shield is slim, lightweight, and makes your credit cards invisible to all types of scanners.

Hackers can’t get your info, because they can’t even see it. Check this out.

  • Stop scanners. Shield your credit cards from all types of scanners. Doesn’t matter what wavelength they’re throwing, you’re not catching.
  • Top engineers. This isn’t your kid’s school science project. We got actual engineers to help us come up with a solution, and they freaking nailed it.
  • Ultra-thin. It’s no thicker than your credit card. Slide it into your wallet or purse and forget it’s even there.
  • Lightweight. It weighs almost nothing which means it won’t drag you down. Take it anywhere and everywhere.

Sounds cool, but we don’t quite get it. Exactly how does this thing work? We’re not shooting out x-rays or laser beams or something, are we?

  • Patented technology. Remember those engineers we mentioned? Their designs were so good we patented them. That means they actually work.
  • Jam signals. We’re not sending out laser beams, we’re just jamming signals. There’s no way to unjam them either, so hackers are stuck with it.
  • Invisible security zone. This is awesome. We surround your cards with an invisible shield hackers can’t break through, no matter how hard they try.

Not just rainproof, this is weatherproof.

We’re talking wind, hail, thunder, snow… none of it interferes with this shield. That means it never stops working.

If you’ve had your information stolen, you know it feels like a punch to the gut.

Protect yourself and your family from would-be thieves.

Get this portable card shield today and amp up security starting tomorrow.

Hackers are always looking for their next target, don’t let it be you.

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