Anti-peep Magnetic iPhone Case

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iPhone Model: Iphone 7/8

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Protect your phone from falls, breaks and prying eyes!

Oh my gosh, we can’t look. We just dropped our iPhone on the sidewalk. Please tell us it’s not broken. We so can’t afford a new one. We’re still paying this one off.

You know what would be awesome? Not having to worry about stuff like that. 

But iPhone cases are never as good as the phones themselves. If the front doesn’t break, the back does. And good luck keeping the bubbles out.

Our biggest pet peeve? They’re sooo easy to snoop. Thieves can literally peek over your shoulder and see your personal info scrolling across your screen.

This magnetic iPhone case protects your phone from falls, breaks, and prying eyes with anti-peep technology.

Really? So strangers won’t be able to see our screen? That's right. Check it out.

  • Anti-peep. Don’t let strangers read your personal info. Your screen is only visible head on, from the sides it looks totally dark.
  • Bubble-free. You don’t want bubbles or halos interfering with your crystal-clear images. We keep out all the annoying stuff for hassle-free installation.
  • Anti-spill. Get a few sprinkles on your phone? No worries, this comes with a hydrophobic coating to protect your phone against wet spots.
  • Fingerprint-resistant. The oils from your hands can leave smudges on your screen, until now. We gave this a special finish to keep fingerprints off.
  • Double-sided tempered glass. Drop it or bump it, this case won’t scratch, crack, or break. And that’s for both sides, not just the front.
  • Magnetic. Don’t worry about squeezing your phone into this case. Ultra-strong magnets lock it into place and keep it there.

Works with your charger, not against it.

You don’t have to take your phone out of this case just to charge it. Set it up like normal and let it do its thing. It’ll fast-charge like normal.

Come on, you know you’re gonna drop your phone. Probably later today. And again tomorrow. And the day after that.

Get this magnetic iPhone case now and protect your phone tomorrow.

Don’t end up with a thousand-dollar pile of garbage because your screen smashed into a thousand tiny pieces. Life happens, but breaks don’t have to.

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