Anti-Clog Drain Blaster Gun

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Oh my jeez. This isn’t a joke. And you so need this.

It looks like a funky hairdryer, but it blasts through clogged drains like nobody’s business.

Get rid of clogs fast without chemicals, and without calling a plumber.

  • Non-corrosive. There’s no harsh chemicals to eat through your pipes. Which means you can use it again and again without causing damage.
  • Compressed air. That’s its secret. The power of compressed air blasts through clogs in seconds. Just squeeze the trigger and bam!
  • Versatile. Did your toddler try to flush their socks? Did you forget to trash that bacon grease? Whatever’s clogging your drains, this takes care of it.
  • 4 suckers. Got multiple drains? We’ve got multiple suckers. That means it will fit any drain that needs unclogging.

Finally! A useful gadget that’s easy to use and will actually save you time and money.

Do you need a bit more of the nitty gritty? Want to know how exactly it works?

  • Choose. Pick the right sucker for the job.
  • Pump. Pump air into the blaster.
  • Press. Hold the blaster to the drain.
  • Pull. Go ahead. Pull the trigger.

So let’s recap. It’s easy, useful, and saves you money.

Hmmm… sounds like kind of a no-brainer.

No one wants to admit it when their toilet gets clogged. With this, you won’t have to. Unclog it yourself and no one will be the wiser.

But you’ve gotta order it today, because clogs don’t get better on their own. They need a helping hand, or a helping blaster.

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