Angel Wings Wireless Charger

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The word's most beautiful phone charger

Beautiful just met functional, and look what they created. Seriously, do you see this phone charger?

It doesn’t just look amazing, it’s got the same bag of the tricks the big boy chargers are playing with, only it does everything ten times better.

You know all those fast charging phones that actually move at a snail’s pace? Yeah, we’ve got three of them taking up space in our desk drawer.

Even if they charge right, they’re just… boring. We know it’s just a charger, but come on. Couldn’t someone jazz them up a little so they don’t all look the same?

This angel wings phone charger is wireless, fast charging, and totally unique.

Ready to fall in love? Take a peek inside the box.

  • Automatic. Set your phone on the charger and the wings automatically open. Take it off, and they automatically close.
  • Fast charging. Just because this is pretty doesn’t mean it’s slow. Fast charge your phone so it’s ready to go in minutes, not hours.
  • Light-up base. This is awesome. The base of this phone actually lights up. It’s beautiful, otherworldly, and hard to look away from.
  • No overheating. Touch this charger at any time and it won’t burn your fingers. It stays cool to the touch even when charging.
  • Smart protection. Protect your phone from overcharging, short circuits, and all those other voltage hiccups that can hurt your phone.
  • Wireless. Don’t worry too much about make and model. This charger works with pretty much any phone that’s built for wireless charging.

Unique and beautiful design.

Come on, when have you ever seen a phone charger like this? You know you’re gonna be the only one of your friends who’s got one.

This is the kind of charger the deserves to be shown off. Enjoy it.

Order this angel wings wireless phone charger, and add a little beauty to your everyday life.

It’s almost too beautiful to take out of the box, but something tells us you’ll manage.

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