Air Purifying Bags (5 pcs)

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Rid your home of bad odors and airborne toxins naturally 

We’re so embarrassed. We didn’t notice until someone pointed it out, but our house stinks. With two dogs and a cat, it was bound to happen.

We’ve got a few of those plug-in fragrance thingies, but they don’t do a very good job, and we’re starting to think they’re dangerous.

The last one made us nauseous. It was that fake chemical smell. It’s just not good to breathe in.

And no matter how much we clean our home, hidden bacteria keeps the stink going strong. We just can’t make it go away.

These air purifying bags rid your home of toxins and odors so all you’re left with is clean, fresh air.

It’s the kind of thing everyone should have, but most people don’t. Let’s change that.

  • Absorb toxins. There’s a million of these tiny charcoal pores in each bag that suck in toxins and bacteria and keep them there. Kind of like a sponge.
  • Deodorizing. When the bacteria goes away, so do the smells. No need for fake chemical scents that can make you sick.
  • Long-lasting. They don’t last forever, but 2 years is a pretty long time. Just  put your baggies in sunlight once a month so they can recharge.
  • Chemical-free. This is meant to get rid of toxins, not add more. There’s nothing in here that can harm your family or your pets.
  • Eco-friendly. This isn’t just a plastic baggie with some stuff inside. These are Earth-friendly ingredients, and the bag is woven.
  • All natural. It’s basically bamboo charcoal, we haven’t added anything weird to it. Oh, and there’s nothing to plug in, unlike electric air purifiers.

Use them anywhere and everywhere.

These don’t just have to go in your home. Stick them in your car, garage, office… pretty much any place where people or pets hang out.

Breathing is kind of a big deal, so let’s not goof around with it. Order these air purifying bags today and get cleaner air tomorrow.

Breathe easier, feel better, start now.

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