Magnetic Welding Holder

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Welding is kind of awesome.

Okay, maybe you have to actually be a welder to think that, but basically you’re playing with heat, fire, and metal all day. Isn’t that every kid’s dream?

Except, of course, when things go wrong. The tabs you were holding down suddenly slip and that project you were in the middle of? Well, now you’re starting over.

Or maybe you can’t even figure out how to hold the tabs down in the first place. They’re too big or too small or you just can’t get the right angle. It’s enough to drive a welder mad.

This adjustable welding holder uses magnets to ensure the perfect hold every time, for every project.

It’s pretty cool. Just take a look.

  • Adjustable. Need to get a different angle? No problem. Adjust this anywhere form 45-degrees to 180-degrees.
  • Super strong. Each piece holds up to 11 lbs. Got something heavier? Just use more pieces. They work together to create the ultimate hold.
  • Magnets. There’s no nails, screws, glue, clamps, you get the idea. Hold things down using powerful magnets.
  • Save time. When you’re welding, time matters. Don’t waste it having to do things over. Hold things down properly and get it done right the first time.
  • No slipping. You don’t want anything sliding around while you’re trying to weld it. We promise this keeps things in place.
  • One-handed. You don’t need a third hand or a second person to hold anything. This does it for you, freeing up your other hand.

Work faster and with better accuracy.

This magnetic holder gets you one step closer to easy-as-pie.

If you weld, you’re gonna need to hold stuff down.

Get this now and be ready for your next project.

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