Adjustable Cake Leveler/Slicer

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OMG. Calling all bakers!

Where has this gadget been all our lives?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or an amateur, this cake slicer will change the way you bake.

Cut perfectly even cake layers every single time, no matter the cake.

Just look at these amazing features.

  • Single or double. Whether it's one layer or two, this slicer has you covered. No more knives that leave your layers a mess. Make them perfect!
  • Big cake? Little cake? Doesn’t matter. The height and width are adjustable, so you can cut whatever your baker’s heart desires.
  • Easy to use. Just set the slicer’s legs on the table and pull the wires through your cake. It works every time.
  • Made from stainless steel. That means it’s easy to clean up and completely toxin-free.

If you’re addicted to baking shows and have a pantry full of cake tins and pastry bags, you need this cake slicer.

It’s easy, fast, and so inexpensive you should probably get two.

You never know when the mood to bake might strike, order this now and be ready when it does.

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