600lm HD Pocket Projector

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Get out of here. A movie theatre that fits in your pocket? Impossible.

Maybe twenty years ago. But today’s movie buffs have all kinds of cool gadgets at their fingertips.

So okay, maybe we were exaggerating a teensy bit. There’s not an actual movie theater inside your pocket, it’s a movie projector. And it’s pretty freaking cool.

Transform any indoor or outdoor space into your own private movie theater in just a few seconds.

You’ve gotta check this out.

  • Tiny. It’s probably smaller than your phone, which means it’s easily transportable. Fit it in your pocket or purse without getting weighed down.
  • LED light. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean we skimped on quality. Get crystal clear images without straining your eyes.
  • Big screen. Project the image up to 220 diagonal inches without losing clarity. That’s huge! It really is like having your own theatre.
  • Connects to everything. Got an HDMI, USB, or AV cord? You’re good to go. How about a 3.5mm jack, Micro SD or TF card? Yep, you’re good too.
  • Outdoor power. Camping out this weekend? No problem, just bring a powerbank and you’ll be set. No outlet needed.
  • Built-in speaker. Our built-in speaker is pretty good, but we know you might still want to use your own. There’s a port for that too. Take your pick.

Awesome, right? There’s only a million and one ways and places to use this.

Here’s a few of our favorites.

  • Family movie night. It’s kids versus parents. Draw straws to see who picks the movie. Next time, you can switch. Maybe.
  • Boardroom meetings. You probably won’t show the latest blockbuster, but we bet you’ve got important info your employees need to see.
  • Backyard BBQs. Grill some burgers, stuff your face, then grab a lounge chair and watch your favorite movie under the stars.

Watch films anywhere, anytime, without any hassle.

There’s never a bad time to unleash your inner movie buff.

Everyone needs a little more fun in their life. Order this now and the fun won’t ever stop, even when the credits roll.

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