Adhesive 3M Car Insulation Strip

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Sometimes it’s the simple things about our car that drive us nuts. Like the seal around our doors.

Did water get in last time it rained? Does the wind howl so loud it’s starting to make your ears ache?

This adhesive car weather strip reduces outside noise, stops water from getting in, and seals out dust.

It’s super-easy to use and works every time.

Check out these awesome features.

  • Easy to install. Just clean the area around your door where the strips are going, tear off the back tape, paste and press. Simple.
  • Durable and flexible. It won’t break, crack, or come off. Once you put it on, it’s there until you take it off.
  • A teensy bit of noise might get through, but it will be dull, muffled, and so quiet you won’t even notice.
  • High-temp resistance. Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold outside, these strips won’t peel off. And they’ll keep your car’s interior one steady temperature.
  • The next time a thunderstorm hits, be ready for it. Stop water from getting into your car. These strips will keep you dry.
  • Works on any car or truck. Old, new, custom… it doesn’t matter. These weather strips are universal.

Keep the inside of your car as new as the outside.

Stop wind, rain, and all the outside crud from getting into your car.

Order these weather strips today, because you never know what tomorrow’s weather is gonna bring. Be ready for it.


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