3D Gelatin Floral Art Kit

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Oh my precious art scene. This is the kind of thing you write home about.

Turn food into art. We’re talking in the literal sense here.

This 3-D floral art toolkit turns gelatin into edible flowers that look like something crafted by a master artist’s hand.

So… it’s Jell-O?

No no no. This isn’t just Jell-O. Yes, it’s made from gelatin, but other than that it’s not even close to what you’re picturing.

Just take a look and you’ll see what we mean.

  • 10 design needles. Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of needle. These won’t poke you. They help transform gelatin into art. Create different floral designs and even color them like a real artist.
  • Beautiful flowers. Make petals, leaves, and stems. Everything you need to handcraft an amazing flower is in this kit.
  • Non-toxic. The gelatin won’t hurt you, and neither will the needles you create your design with. It’s stainless steel and totally safe.
  • Easy to use. Sure, it takes a little patience handcrafting petals and leaves, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a cinch. The hardest part will be making the gelatin.

This is the kind of “wow factor” that only the best parties have. And if you’ve got kids, watch out. Once they see what you’re doing, they’ll be begging to help.

Check out the things you can make with it.

  • Cake. Decorate your cake with beautiful gelatin flowers.
  • Appetizers. Pass around a tray of flowers at your next party.
  • Handheld desserts. Take one and pop it in your mouth all in one swift bite.
  • Edible crafts. Have a blast teaching kids how to make art they can eat.
  • Savories. Who says gelatin has to be sweet? Try adding bacon or chipotle to spice things up.

This kit is 11 pieces of incredible.

Make mouthwatering designs that are almost too pretty to eat.

Order this today and wow your friends and family tomorrow.

Sometimes the simplest foods make the best creations.

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