360 Pull-out Shower Faucet

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Color: Black

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Eh. It’s a faucet. What’s there to get excited about?

That’s old-school thinking. This is a new kind of faucet.

Seriously. If you saw it in action, you wouldn’t even have to ask.

This 360-degree faucet spins, turns, and actually adjusts its height to fit any sink, tub, or shower.

This is definitely not your grandfather’s faucet.

  • 2 water modes. Set it to “flow” for the kitchen or “waterfall” for your shower. Want to get funky? Do it the other way around. It won’t mind.
  • No plumber needed. Nothing against plumbers, but that’s a hassle you just don’t need. Lucky for you, this faucet is easy enough to install yourself.
  • Adjustable height. This is probably the coolest part. It doesn’t just pull out, you can actually move it up and down. It literally adjust to you.
  • Rust proof. Just because your favorite color’s orange doesn’t mean you want to see it on your faucet. No rust would dare show it’s face here.
  • Lookin’ good. Most faucets are boring. They’re all the same. Not this one. High-quality brass and chrome-plating turn boring into brilliant.

Clean up with a little style.

We all take showers, we all wash our hands. Why not make it fun?

Got dirty dishes? Get them done quickly and with as little pain as possible.

This isn’t the type of faucet you sit around and think about. It’s the kind you order.

Pick one up now and jazz up your everyday chores ASAP. Because who needs boring when fun is just a click away?

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