360° Faucet Head Booster

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Swivel faucet heads are great. Kind of. Not really. Well, let’s just say they’re great in theory.

Every swivel spray faucet we’ve tried always ends in disaster.

Water splashes everywhere, starting with your clothes and ending with your floor. And the angle is never right.

Until now.

This 360-degree faucet head reaches every angle with ease and has 3 function modes so you always get the spray you need.

It’s the kind of thing you see home magazines bragging about.

  • Universal compatibility. This faucet head works with almost any round tap. Since that’s most of them, chances are you’re covered.
  • Reduced energy. It’s designed to reduce water consumption while still delivering a powerful spray, saving the environment energy and you money.
  • 360-degree. Move the faucet in a full circle without missing an inch of sink. It hits every angle perfectly.
  • Easy installation. No need to hire a plumber. Just screw it in and you’re done. It only takes a few seconds.
  • 3-mode spray. Jet, shower, and jet + shower combo. Just push the button and select the mode that’s right for you.
  • Powerful booster setting to clean your sink and vegetables effortlessly in seconds.

Is this something you can live without? Well, it’s not like air or food. So yeah. We guess so.

But your time and money are precious. You can save both with this faucet head.

Clean your sink, fruits, and veggies quickly and easily while cutting back energy costs.

Get one now and you’ll see the difference right away. It won’t cost an arm and a leg, just a few bucks and the click of a button.

Worse case scenario? You return it for a full refund.

Best case scenario? You’ve just saved yourself a whole lot of hassle by picking a faucet that gets the job done right the very first time.

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