3 Mode Pressure Booster Shower Head

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It’s the end of a long, hard day, and all you want is a long, hot shower. You get in, turn the knob, and bam!

Your face is sprayed with rigid streams of water that burn your eyes, only to dissolve into tiny sprinkles that barely wet your skin.

What’s going on?

You’ve got a truly awful shower head, and it’s time to upgrade.

This 3-mode pressure shower head is easy to install, even easier to use, and takes your shower from boring to sensational!

 Check out these awesome features.

  • 3-modes. Power massage, rainfall, mist. Pick whichever mode feels best on your skin, or cycle through all 3.
  • Easy installation. Forget the plumber. You don’t even need any tools. Just a few twists and turns and your new shower head is in.
  • Detachable. You don’t just have to stand with your head under the water, detach this shower head and get an all-over clean.
  • Pause button. Why would you want to pause your shower? What if it’s your dog getting the shower? You might need to shut things down for a minute.
  • Rust-resistant. You don’t want a shower head that’s gonna turn orange (unless orange is your thing). This won’t rust or degrade even with time.

If you’ve got a family, you probably get five minutes in the day to yourself.

Don’t waste your alone time with faulty shower heads.

This shower head defines luxury and makes you feel like you’re in a spa instead of your bathroom.

Order one today and start bathing in luxury as soon as tomorrow. Because you deserve a treat every now and again.

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