Hidden Flask Emergency Bracelet

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Color: Silver

Rose Gold
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Ssh! Time to get sneaky.

Okay, admit it. There’s times when going out for the night means getting a little creative.

This bracelet flask is cute, fun, and hides about 3.5 oz of alcohol.

If you’re the kind of gal that can keep a secret, this is for you.

Look at these must-have features.

  • Hide it in plain sight. No one will suspect this innocent-looking bracelet is hiding anything. Get in and out of places with ease.
  • It’s actually cute. Some secret flasks are just plain ugly. Not ours! The polished metal will shine without smudging and goes with anything outfit.
  • Stainless steel. Fill your bracelet with anything from juice to wine to the hard stuff and don’t worry about toxins leaching out.
  • Opens and tips easily. Just unscrew the cap and twist your arm slightly to tip the bracelet’s contents out. No one will know!

Sometimes bars are just too expensive. Sometimes concerts don’t sell what you like.

If you drink and like to look cute, this bracelet is the only way to do it.

Sure, use it responsibly, but don’t forget the most important part—having fun!

Get it now, and start having fun as soon as it comes out of the box.

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