3-1 Portable Diaper Changing Pad

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Babies are sweet, adorable and… stinky.

It’s okay to admit it. All moms and dads know what it’s like to change a diaper.

This portable changing pad makes changing diapers fast, easy, and as stink-free as possible.

Check out these awesome features.

  • Waterproof. Okay, when we say waterproof, we really mean urine-proof. Keep urine from soaking in so that smell and bacteria are minimized.
  • Foldable. This is pretty cool. This changing pad folds up to look like a clutch purse, making it super easy to carry with you.
  • Stop inquisitive babies. Built-in toy loops ensure your baby’s attention will be focused on its favorite toys instead of what you’re doing. No tiny hands reaching out to help.
  • Head and shoulder rest. Don’t let your baby’s head droop or roll. Keep them comfortable while keeping them clean.
  • Storage pocket. Keep extra diaper supplies within easy reach. This changing pad has a large pocket for everything you might need.

Just because we love our babies doesn’t mean we have to love changing their diapers.

Make changing your baby as easy and mess-free as possible.

You know your baby’s gonna need changing. That’s kind of inevitable.

Order this changing pad now and make the inevitable a little bit easier… and a lot less messy.

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