1000x HD Zoom Microscope Camera

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Finally, computer geeks, camera junkies, and science nerds have something in common. And it almost fits in the palm of your hand.

Capture the image you’re after, no matter how small, with this Microscope Camera.

Want to snap a pic of a grain of sand? No problem. Want to see what your hair looks like up close? Go for it. This magnifier will never let you down.

Just take a look at what this thing can do.

  • Plugs into almost any USB. No long wires to get tangled in.
  • 1000X magnifier allows you to zoom in, zoom out, zoom until your heart’s content. Nothing is too hard for this gadget.
  • Take live video, because a picture's worth a thousand words, but video is priceless.
  • Built-in LED lights AND adjustable illumination mean this microscope is great for anyone who inspects tiny things for a living or hobby.
  • Thinking something this great must be heavy? Think again. This microscope camera is so light you can carry it in your purse.

Okay, so now you’re loving it, right? But you’re probably still thinking something that does so much must be complicated.

We hate to say you’re wrong, but… You’re Wrong!

This is super simple and easy to use.

  • No driver or software required if all you’re doing is taking pictures and videos.
  • Just tap the camera button and boom! Your picture’s taken.
  • 4 adjustable brightness levels, so you don’t have to strain your eyes.
  • Want to check out every last little feature? Free software is included. Just download and you’re good to go.

So let your inner geek out to play with his favorite new toy. Once this microscope comes out of the box, it’s not going back in.

Order one today and it can be in your hands by tomorrow.

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