Sports Training Fitness Mask For Elevation Workout

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Product Descriptions:


Double your endurance after 21 days of training with the Mask. This mask is perfect if you're in football, track/cross country, swimming, cycling, skiing, or virtually any sport. Training with the mask makes it easier for your muscles to work with less oxygen. Your endurance is supercharged and muscle fatigue won't be a problem when competing. The mask has valves letting you to adjust levels of air flow. Now you can train on the mountains right at home.


  • Limited Edition: When the Elevation Mask sells out, it will be gone forever! Get a chance to own this item which only a luck few will have.
  • Increased Respiratory Power And Diaphragm Training: When training with the mask, your body is put in a stress situation and your body will adapt to it as inactive cells start to work. More cells are activated for respiration and your body will go through an intense anaerobic workout.
  • Increased Mental Concentration, Strength, Stamina, And Efficiency Processing Oxygen: The mask will also increase mental toughness, physical strength, stamina, and allows you to process oxygen faster giving you a gritty edge over your competitors. Using the mask at it's high pulse makes it easier to perform in high pulse competitions


Product Details:

  • Secure Fit And Material: Extra strong - neoprene, secure even during the most intense workouts
  • Easy To Clean: All components are easy to clean
  • Resistance Valves: Adjust the air resistance
  • Small: 100 - 149 lbs
  • Medium: 150 - 249 lbs
  • Large: 250 - 300 lbs

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