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Good Morning Mug
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Awww. We just found a serious contender for most adorable thing ever. His and Hers kissing mugs.

So unique, and so much better than another box of candy or bouquet of flowers.

Come on, you know you’ve scoured the stores looking for that perfect way to say “I love you.” Well this is it.

And the best part? They’re not gonna add twenty pounds or dry out at the end of the week and end up in the trashcan.

These his and hers kissing mugs are romantic, adorable, and one “I love you” that’s gonna last forever.

Just take a look. You’re gonna love them. Maybe not as much as you love that special someone, but we might come close.

  • Kissy face. Each mug has a silhouetted face etched into its side. Put them together, and they kiss. Talk about romantic.
  • Chip-resistant. Hey, chips happen, but not to these mugs. They’re specially treated to be chip resistant, so they really do last forever.
  • High-quality ceramic. We don’t use the cheap stuff, only the best stuff. These mugs are as high quality as your love.
  • Hot or cold. Doesn’t matter if you take your coffee hot and they like it iced. These mugs work for both of you.
  • Stain-resistant. Coffee and tea won’t leave these mugs looking like a mess. They stay as clean as the day you got them.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Okay, so in the dishwasher stick to the top rack only. Do that and these mugs will come out sparkling clean every time without getting hurt.

In the microwave, run it as high as you want. You can’t burn these mugs, just your tongue.

Look, we all love gifts from our special someone, but it’s time to mix things up. No more teddy bears or neck ties.

Order these kissing couple mugs now and finally give that special guy or gal something they don’t already have.

Your love is unique, your gifts should be too.

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