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Oh my sweet tulips. This. Is. Awesome.

So if you garden, you’re gonna love this. If you don’t, well then… this is probably the time to think about starting.

Seriously, this is strictly for people with a green thumb, or for those who like to pretend they’ve got one anyway.

Hey, no one said you had to be great at gardening to enjoy it.

This garden auger drill bit makes planting bulbs and mixing fertilizer a cinch. Go from amateur to pro with one twist of a drill bit.

Ok, ready? We think you’re gonna like this.

  • Save time and energy. Don’t spend days digging out soil for your bulbs. This drills the soil out for you in just a few minutes.
  • Universal. Worried it won’t fit your drill? Don’t be. It’s made to fit almost any cordless drill, so unless you’ve got something new and weird, you’re good.
  • Portable. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. Move it from your garage to your yard to your shed without any problems.

Also, don’t get too focused on drilling out soil for bulbs.

There’s a whole lot more you can do with this.

  • Mix fertilizer. Your plants need fertilizer. Mix it up quickly and easily.
  • Till plant boxes. This is like your plant’s home base, make it a good one.
  • Blend polymers. Want to add polymer to your soil? Get it done in seconds.

Great for pros, awesome for beginners.

Anyone with a garden needs one of these. Seriously, you get things done faster and more efficiently.

Get this drill bit today, and tomorrow you can turn your garden into something even a professional will envy.

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Drill Bit (S), Drill Bit (M), Drill Bit (L), Drill Bit (XL), Pro Gardening Set